Stuart Glassman, MD, FACS

Dr. Stuart Lewis Glassman was born in Chicago, IL, shortly after World War II. After several interminable winters there, the family migrated south to sunny Miami, Fl where he spent most of his young life. The son of a general surgeon, Dr. Jacob Glassman, he grew up among other doctors and hospitals, under the watchful eye and tutelage of his father.

After high school, Dr. Glassman attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he received a BA in political science. Oddly enough, his ambitions had wandered into the varigated field of international relations and law. After a brief stint in law school, his passions were driven back to the field of medicine, and he decided to follow his father's advice. Attending the Medical School at the University of Miami, he completed the 5-year general surgery residency there, culminating the experience as Chief Resident and departing with accolades.

After starting his family in Miami, Dr. Glassman emigrated again, this time to an obscure town in rural North Carolina, which he has subsequently come to love as home, Hendersonville. A far cry from the bustling beaches of Miami, Dr. Glassman has built a practice on over 20 years of surgical practice in the area. His collaborations with the local hospitals and groups form the foundation of a surgical practice that can meet any of you or your family's needs.

Dr. Glassman's continual study and mastery of contemporary surgical techniques have lent themselves to one of the only surgical practices in Hendersonville which provides some of the latest techniques. In addition to General & Vascular Surgery, Dr. Glassman routinely performs Cancer-Screening Colonoscopy and Comprehensive Varicose Vein Care.

Vital Stats

Born: Chicago, IL
Undergraduate Education: University of Illinois
Medical School: University of Miami
Residency: University of Miami
Loving Wife: Barbara Glassman
Beloved Children: Jordan (27), Ariel (25), and Caroline (23)